A forum like this for your other games?

What's hot with Stronghold Crusader 2? Discuss with other fans of the series.
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A forum like this for your other games?

Postby EaglePrince » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:24 am

Hi. So when you release a new game, or something, like you did with Stronghold 2 Steam Edition, or with Stronghold Legends Steam Edition, or whatever, could you make a make your fans a way to communicate with you? I mean, when you released Stronghold Crusader 2, and prior to its release, we were able to discuss here, to give suggestions, to report problems, etc., and somebody would give us a reply, and we would know that what we said was noted. That is sadly not the case now with Stronghold 2 Steam Edition. People are writing what issues they have at your YouTube comments, at Steam Discussions, and where not. It would be way better if there was a forum where they could write to you, tell you when they notice something wrong, or give a suggestion to how to improve the game.

I don't know, maybe even this forum can evolve into something like that. I believe that you have a great opportunity to earn money with Stronghold 2, many people are into this game, but they are not ready to pay extra only to be able to play over Steam, use the workshop, etc. But if you gave them something for gameplay, I am sure that many would be buying this game. (Such as AI in multiplayer, or at least some sort of multiplayer scenario. Now all we can do is to start a game, and to fight against awfully lot outlaws, and wild animals. I wish you could come open about this issue with AI in Stronghold 2 multiplayer, and even if some things are impossible for you to achieve, then we could come to something else. Anything is better than fighting outlaws, even as a knight a player can start destroying outlaw camps fairly easily with archer and spearmen armies.)

You have always been showing your good will, I hope it will be the case with this one as well. :)

Best regards!
EaglePrince (who remembers all your gestures of goodwill)
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Re: A forum like this for your other games?

Postby rajat2213 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:00 am

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