Modding help for SHC2

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Modding help for SHC2

Postby Ensrick » Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:19 am

I got SHC2 on steam recently while the pack with all DLC and games was on sale for 20$. The only reason I even considered buying it was because I remembered how simple it was to mod SH3 and discovered you could mod SH2 using the makev tool and opening the "assets.v" file with it by following the instructions.

To do so is as simply as opening an archive with a few extra steps. Then the only thing I was really interested in editing was the values relating to unit/building stats found in the gamerules.xml. I made all the adjustments and went in-game to play, however, it seems like the units did not change entirely. I can't seem to adjust the speeds. Each unit has a walk speed and a run speed. Adjusting them does nothing. I remember speeds being controlled by "Gait" values in the individual unit script files under actors/military/{Unit}, but they are not there in SHC2, they are in SH3's Core.v file, which has the same role as SHC2's assets.v file. I'm sorry I bought the game now. If someone knows how to make the changes, please let me know.

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